Learn how to maximize your endurance sport for a lifetime.

Cross-country skier, mountain and cyclocross biker, Katerina Nash has an athletic career that spans three decades and five Olympic Games. She joins Fast Talk Femmes to talk about increasing the odds of longevity in endurance sports.

Katerina is part of a select group of athletes who have competed in both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. She earned two top-10 finishes as an Olympic cross-country skier and made fifth place in Rio for mountain biking. As a cyclocross racer, she has medaled numerous times in world cups and World Championships and is still active in cycling today. She is also currently Vice-President of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) as well as President of the UCI Athletes’ Commission.

Katerina credits her multi-sport experience along with cross-training as keeping her mentally and physically engaged throughout the years. She advises being open to evolving along with training and nutrition, and believes patience is key for young female athletes going through puberty. We also discuss the importance of multiple sports to help you grow as an athlete and continue your endurance sports journey.

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