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Unlike most bicycles, which are produced by machines on assembly lines, Mariposas have always been handbuilt by cyclists for cyclists. One tube selector, one cutter, one machinist, one builder, one painter, one assembler. Every Mariposa is built t o its riders needs. Every tube angle, material and component selection is made with the rider in mind.

In an age when bicycles, even costly ones, have become interchangeable and almost disposable, Mariposas, like a fine watch, are built to last a lifetime. There are no gimmicks or the latest fads. We believe that integrity of design cannot be separated from quality of construction.

We are experienced cyclists. The builders and owners have raced in the Tour de France, raced in the Olympics, won National road, cyclocross, criterium and track titles, thrashed over the cobbled roads in the toughest northern European races, won World Championships, have toured extensively throughout the world, and make our daily way through the city by bike.

Cycling is our lives.