We chat with high-performance sports dietitian and researcher Dr. Dana Lis about how female athletes can get the most from their nutrition.

As someone who has worked with world-class athletes across a variety of sports, Dr. Dana Lis knows a thing or two about how to help elite athletes get the most from their fuel—and in this episode of Fast Talk Femmes, she shares her experience and expertise about effective nutrition strategies for female endurance athletes.

Whether it’s in her work with the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, the Canadian national swim team, Israel Start Up Cycling, E.F. Education – TBICO or Rally Cycling, Dr. Lis is well accustomed to the rigors of fueling for high performance. We chat with her about how she helps athletes determine the best nutrition for their workouts, performance, and recovery—and what this looks like specifically for female athletes. With so many supplements now available in the sports nutrition world, we also drill down on some of these, and Dr. Lis gives her insights on those she believes to be most effective for performance and recovery. There’s also an interesting discussion of RED-S (relative energy deficiency in sport) that will help athletes and coaches alike.

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Our next episode will drop on February 7 when we’ll be chatting with Julia Violich, founder and director of the Bear National Team, a top mountain bike development program.

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