Tom shares insights from his experience in developing and managing women’s professional endurance sports teams, talks about the ROI for sponsors, and provides advice for aspiring female cyclists.

Tom Schuler is a Former American professional cyclist who rode for Team 7-Eleven in the 1980s, represented the US in the 1976 and 1980 Olympic Games, and is the founder of Team Sports Inc., a sports management company that focused on cycling, mountain biking, triathlon, and rollerblading. Tom has also managed several successful professional cycling teams, including Saturn Cycling Team, Volvo-Cannondale Mountain Bike Team, Timex Women’s Cycling, and Triathlon Teams.

In this episode, we discuss with Tom one of his most remarkable accomplishments — his contribution to gender equality for women in cycling. He is a pioneer in initiating and managing women’s professional teams with a commitment to gender equity.

Most recently, Tom has been managing various events including the Tour of America’s Dairyland and the Intelligentsia multi-day criterium series, both of which draw a diverse demographic of cyclists.

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