Dr. Jamie Whitfield and Dr. Dana Lis discuss the body’s remarkable ability to regulate blood glucose, and the practical applications of continuous glucose monitors in high-performance disciplines.

In this episode, we discuss with Dr. Whitfield and Dr. Lis the body’s remarkable ability to maintain glucose homeostasis, even in the face of starvation. We also take a deep dive into the dynamics and complexities of blood glucose regulation during exercise and the relevance of continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) in a range of topics:

  • Why and how are athletes using CGMs? Do most athletes know how to interpret the massive amounts of data to inform fueling strategies?
  • Do CGMs help or hurt athlete fueling practices? What is the expert consensus on their value?
  • Are there potential applications for CGMs to improve athlete health and well-being?
  • Can CGMs help female athletes individualize their fueling strategies and training?
  • Should the UCI ban continuous glucose monitors from competition?

Dr. Jamie Whitfield is an Australian-based exercise physiologist and postdoctoral research fellow with his Ph.D. in skeletal muscle metabolism and physiology. He is the co-author of a 2023 study, “The Use of Continuous Glucose Monitors in Sport: Possible Applications and Considerations,” and has recently been putting his research into practice with high-performance sports.

We are also joined by Dr. Dana Lis, a registered dietician, performance nutritionist for the NBA Golden State Warriors, and recipient of the IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition. She has recently launched a new company, Performance Nutrition Professionals, that trains sport practitioners on high-performance nutrition.

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