Schwalbe Winter Marathon Tires




For a safer journey. You have full control on icy roads with the Marathon Winter Tires.  We have both the Marathon Winter and the Marathon Winter Plus 700C x 35mm tires available.

The Marathon Plus has best possible puncture protection, it comes with a SmartGuard layer and 67 TPI spikes.  Spikes work best on ice at the minimum pressure.  At max pressure, noise is reduced to a minimum on ice-free roads.

These tires contain double the number of spikes in relation to the Schwalbe Winter Marathon, which results in superior traction.

Recommended PSI 35-70

Size: 700C x 35

2 models available:

-Schwalbe, Winter, Tire, 700x35C, Wire, Clincher, Winter, KevlarGuard, Reflex, 50TPI, Black

-Schwalbe, Marathon Winter Plus, Tire, 700x35C, Wire, Clincher, Winter, SmartGuard, 67TPI, Black


Other sizes of Schwalbe and Continental Winter tires are available for special order.  For inquires, contact us at




Additional information

Spike Count

Marathon Winter Regular 50TPI, Marathon Winter Plus 67TPI


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