An all-road winter bike that can be used in the summer months for trail riding.  It’s good for commuting, long distance cycling or thrashing on the trails.  Picafort bicycles are built in Toronto in the Mariposa workshop with new old stock, lightweight Columbus tubing and lugged construction.  They are stock sized, have cantilever brakes for clearance (up to 700C x 42mm tires) and easy maintenance.  They have mudguard and rear carrier eyelets, a steel fork and are drilled for internal wiring for hub generated lighting and USB charging.  The silver paint is great for visibility.

The name “Picafort” is a Catalan word meaning “hit hard” or “strong bite”.  Michael and Dede Barry lived in Girona, Catalonia for 12 years during their professional racing careers.  Riding through the Northern winter months takes a strong hit of strength and motivation.

Frame & Fork Price:  $1740 CAD / $1480 USD

Full build price depends upon component and wheel selection, but the bicycle pictured here is $3,340 CAD / $2,840 USD.  It is for sale and is a size 53cm.


Frame:  Columbus tubing with lugs

Fork:  Steel

Paint:  Sparkling Silver with blue highlight

Rear Derailleur:  Shimano 105

Front Derailleur:  Shimano 105

Crankset: Shimano 105

Cassette:  Shimano 105

Bottom Bracket:  Shimano

Brake / Shift Levers:  Shimano 105

Brakes: Shimano CX50 Cantilever

Headset:  Pro-Max Threadless 1″ Blue

Headset Spacers:  Pro-Max 1″ Blue

Stem:  Ritchey Classic Silver

Handlebar:  Ritchey Classic Silver

Seatpost:  Ritchey Classic Silver

Wheels:  Shimano Ultegra 6800

Tires:  Continental Speedcross (Can be swapped for a more aggressive winter tires, such as the Continental Top Contact Winter or the Schwalbe Marathon Winter Tire which has ice spikes.

Bottle Cage: Velo-Orange

Ribbon:  Evo

Saddle: Ritchey

Pedals:  Shimano M540 Black

Front Light:  None (but the frame is wired for hub generated lights.  We recommend Schmidt Edulux II)

Rear Light:  None (but the frame is wired for hub generated lights.  We recommend B&M Secula Plus for fender)

Carriers: None, but Mariposa custom or Velo -Orange stock carriers can be added.

Fenders:  Honjo Black

We currently have a 55cm Picafort frame and fork for sale as well for $1740 CAD / $1480 USD

For inquiries or to purchase this bicycle, please contact us at [email protected] or call +1-416-423-0456.


4 thoughts on “Picafort Treader

  1. Pretty bike!

    The Picafort Treader looks a lot like a ‘cross (CX) bike to me. What are the differences between a CX bike from Mariposa and the Picafort Treader? Is it just the
    clearances for 42mm tires instead of a narrower CX racing tire of 30-32mm?

    Is the Picafort what some of us would also call a “gravel grinder”?

    I think some of the road bikes I rode BITD had clearances almost this generous, since they could take 27 x 1 1/4 (35mm) tires…

    1. Sorry, you full question did not come through, but as explained in the description, it is winter bike / trail bike with clearance for wide tires. You can use studded winter tires, cyclocross tires, Compass Road/Gravel Tires etc on the the frame. It is extremely versatile. There are also provisions for a carrier.

  2. who makes the Picaforts, Dede? (assuming Mariposa is still offering them)
    I spotted one locked up on the streets of Toronto the other day and traced it’s provenance back to Mariposa/Bicycle Specialties and this post.

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