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The Wake 6560 Evolution. The 5th iteration of the Wake series and the largest step change in performance. Faster. Lighter. Stiffer.

Over the last three years, we have been riding and racing with the Princeton Carbonworks Grit wheels. Not only have they been resilient in the rough gravel races but they are also the fastest most stable wheels we have ridden. Due to the rim design, the bike isn’t buffeted around or unstable in high crosswinds which is a problem with many other deep section wheels we have ridden over the years.

The new Wake 6560 Evolutions wheelset has a unique and balanced combination of attributes has made it the go-to wheel for those looking for peak performance: aerodynamically faster than deeper wheels, lighter and better-handling than shallower wheels, all while stiff, responsive, and lively under power. And now, in its fifth generation, the legend evolves.

The Wake 6560 Evolution ushers in a revolutionary new shape, the second wheelset in PCW’s Evolution series behind the Alta 3532. Extensive testing and development has resulted in a wheelset that is even more efficient than it’s competition.

Instantly recognizable versus previous versions, the shape of the Wake 6560 has substantially changed. The new Evolution profile matches alternating deep and shallow rim sections with alternating spoke sides. Mechanically, this allows the steeper, high tension spokes (drive side rear spokes and disc side front spokes) to connect to a deeper rim section, thereby flattening those spoke angles. The change in bracing angle helps balance spoke tensions, creating a stiffer, more uniform wheel. This patented technology, Radially Staggered Lacing, is exclusive to Princeton CarbonWorks road wheels.

Wake 6560 Evolution is also incrementally wider and lighter than its predecessor. The increased width (21mm internal, 28.2mm max external) is optimized for the 25-28mm tires that professional cyclists currently race on. The result is a wheel with even better aerodynamic efficiency at all yaw angles and better composure in tricky crosswinds. Rim weight has been reduced by 10g per rim, helped by the overall shorter cord length of the inner edge. The rim brake and hooks live on. Ride how you want, with what you want. Rim brake rims will always be available and Wake 6560 Evolution will continue to have a hooked, hole-less, tubeless ready tire bed, which can accommodate clincher/tubed tires or tubeless tires with no tape needed and no tire pressure restrictions.


Max Rim Width 28.2 mm
Max Rim Depth 65mm
Min Rim Depth 60mm
Spokes Sapim® CX-Ray® with Sapim Secure Lock Nipples
Weight 1,435 grams
Spoke Count 24/24
Hub Type  DT Swiss 180 EXP
Free Hub Body Shimano, SRAM XDR
Finish/Color Matte Black/ Gloss Black,  Other colours available by special order only (Matte Black/White, Gloss/White, Gloss/Chrome, Gloss/Gold, Matte/Rose Gold, Matte/High Vis, Gloss/Chromatic Blue, Gloss/Purple)
Internal Width 21 mm
Tire Compatibility Clincher/Tubeless Ready

For custom colour wheel sets and rim brake, please contact [email protected]

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 7 × 28 in


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