Lisa Charlebois shares how she planned, prepared and executed the 1200 KM Paris-Brest Paris Brevet in three and a half days.

In this episode, we talk with Lisa Charlebois, a Randonneur who lives in San Francisco. After two years of training diligently and riding the four qualifying events, Lisa successfully completed Paris Brest Paris, a 1200km (750 mile) Brevet in 78-hours, 27 minutes, and 8 seconds, well within the 90-hour limit.

Full of good insight and positive energy, Lisa shares how she planned, trained, and prepared for her race. She details the custom bicycle she built, and how she fueled, packed, and mentally approached the event. Lisa also recounts the colorful experiences she had throughout the race, shares the beauty of the lovely countryside, and tells us how to make the most of the ride. As you begin planning for the 2024 cycling season, tune in to listen to her great advice on whether randonneuring is for you and on how to successfully complete any randonnée or endurance cycling event.

Take a look at Lisa’s packing list for the PBP here!

Lisa’s custom Mariposa built for the 2023 Paris Brest Paris Brevet.  Full specifications & photo gallery>>

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