Erin Carson is a strength coach who has worked with some of the world’s best cyclists, triathletes and runners. ¬†In our latest show, she talks about how endurance athletes can get the most from their time in the gym.¬†¬†

Strength training¬†is important for all athletes‚ÄĒand in this show, top strength and conditioning coach¬†Erin Carson¬†highlights just how important it is for¬†endurance athletes. With a background working with athletes such as three-time Ironman world champion Mirinda Carfrae, Olympic runner Kara Goucher, and Jumbo Visma professional cyclist, Sep Kuss, Carson knows a thing or two about how to ensure¬†endurance athletes stay fit, fast, durable, and resilient.

In the show she talks about the importance not just of strength work, but all of the work that needs to come before strength training for endurance athletes‚ÄĒactivation,¬†mobility, stability‚ÄĒand the impact that the combined program can have on the hormonal profile.

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