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Five teens are gathered in a suburban driveway, hanging out and killing time—as one does when young and bored in mid-June. They’re actually the second crew of teens I encountered on the street. The first group was playing basketball and didn’t even pause to answer when I asked if they were the cyclists I was looking for. As I rode farther down the street, I knew I had found the right boys when they all turned around at the sound of my freehub. The cyclists, Connor Ciotlos (18), Ashlin Barry (12), Thomas Purdy (19), Cole Borthwick (18) and Jack Ciotlos (19), are impressively lively and positive for people who, just the day before, rode 100km of singletrack in Toronto’s Don Valley. Continue @Canadian Cycling Magazine
Thomas Purdy (19), Jack Ciotlos (19), Cole Borthwick (18), Ashlin Barry (12) and Connor Ciotlos (18).
The Don Valley Trails provide a lovely escape from the the busy city.
Fueled by Skratch Labs and Skittles for 7.5 hours.
Medals for the boys, made by Michael Barry in the Mariposa workshop.

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