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10 thoughts on “Autumn Gold, Blue, Brown, Green…

    1. Hi Bintang: To answer your question: It really depends on the terrain. If we are riding on dirt the speeds are much slower and we might cover 120 km in 5 hrs. Obviously, on pavement we can cover much more. Generally we average 30-33 km/h in Girona as the roads are undulating and sinuous so it is hard to maintain and consistent speed. Cheers, Michael

  1. Enjoy your postings so much. Fascinating insights into the life of a pro at the heart of the peloton. Looking forward to the coming season – good luck and stay safe

  2. Hi! Will you keep the intensity down and only do steady state kind of efforts in december? Or do you throw in some harder stuff? thanks, great blog btw

    1. Hi Tom: We’ll ride at lower intensities until the New Year and then progressively increase the intensity as the races near. For now, we’re climbing at steady speeds, riding at a steady tempo on the flats and sprinting for the occasional town sign. But, the rides aren’t too taxing. We’re simply building the foundation for the racing season. Cheers,

  3. Hi Michael

    Yet another insightful post with beautiful images.

    It looks so tranquil in Catalonia. A winter ride here on the Stirlingshire roads is probably as stunning, but if the rain and snow kicks in, it turns in to a slog.

    It made me feel good/rubbish to think I might be able to hang on to your raincape tail for 1hr at your Winter pace!

    A wee question. I can see that nearly all your training companions, as far as I can see, are wearing team colours.
    Is that a contractual obligation? Or can you choose to wear what you like on such rides?

    All the best for 2012.

    1. Hi Andy: Pleased you like the post. To answer your question: Most professionals are required to train and race in their team colours. Best, Michael

  4. Again great pictures and story, I follow Craig Lewis’ training rides on Strava (where you can log all your training) and I saw he logged som training rides around Girona 🙂

  5. Kathy & I just watched your video of you on the dirt roads. We recongized the roads. It makes us want to get back soon. We hope to see you this spring. Give Dede and the boys our best.

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