Recently, I did a day long ride in the hills from Girona to the Mediterranean and back. The route took us down to Tossa de Mar and back over Les Gavarres to Els Angels. The ride was only 120 km but 80 of it were on dirt. In total, we accumulated roughly 2500 vertical metres of climbing. It was a great day out. Other than the climbing it was similar to many rides I did as a boy on the dirt roads north of Toronto.

8 thoughts on “Head for the Hills

  1. Tossa de Mar is one of my fav holiday destinations, where do you stop for coffee? My wife and I have been over Els Angels to Girona and back on our tandem (on the road) great riding country.

  2. Hello Michael, I’m from Girona, I would like to make the route Girona – Tossà – Girona with teanmates and de CX bikes. Is the route posted on a web? thanks you. Nice video!

  3. I love doing those kinds of rides! And let’s hear it for fenders on a group ride! Wonderful edit. Do you keep a special bike for these rides or is it the standard issue?

    1. Thanks Brad. I have a Pinarello cyclocross bike with heavy touring tires and mudguards which I use on the dirt roads. There is a pic of it in one of my previous photos posts. Cheers, Michael

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