In preparation for the Giro d’Italia Team Time Trial we were training as a team outside to find our fluidity as a team. After a few efforts we were moving well. The key to a TTT is that the speed is consistent without any hard surges as they will split the team. The strong riders need to pull longer and progressively bring the speed up while the weaker riders must do shorter turns on the front and get off before their speed drops. It was clear Brad is flying as his turns were long and quick. As the french would say, he has a ‘sacré coup de pédale’ at the moment. He looks good in pink, as well.

The footage captures the flat fields, the windmills, and the tulips. But, it doesn’t capture the howling wind we were battling.

The Team Sky Giro roster is: Bradley Wiggins, Steve Cummings, Chris Froome, Greg Henderson, CJ Sutton, Michael Barry, Dario Cioni, Mathew Hayman and Morris Possoni. Two cameras caught the footage–a GoPro on the hood of the team car which followed us, and a Flip camera which I taped to my handlebars. Notice the impatient driver who throws a water bottle at us. He hit Wiggo with the bottle. The rest of the drivers encouraged us and even stopped to take photos.

22 thoughts on “Giro d'Italia TTT Training

  1. Brilliant video.

    Am I also right in thinking that you’re overtaken by a DeLorean at the start?! Back to the Future.

  2. Was that a DeLorean at the start!?

    Good luck out there. Try to keep the rubber side down and see if there’s another W for Sky out there on the roads.

    1. Thanks– pleased you enjoyed the video. Yes,it was Delorean. He stopped a bit further down the road,with his doors up, to cheered us on. Cheers, Michael

  3. thanks for posting the video michael. great to get a glimpse of you guys training and what you have to go through.
    throwing a bottle is just nasty. that kinda stuff doesn’t happen here in Toronto 😉

    good luck in the Giro. everyone’s cheering for you.

  4. Exelent video man! Thanx!!!
    What camera do you use on your bike and car?

    Keep it up and stay frosty!!!

    1. Hi Pal– thanks for the note. I put a Gopro camera on the front of the car and taped a Flip camera to my handlebars. Best, Michael

  5. Awesome video Michael, nice to get a bike eyed view of what it’s like for you guys! Inspires us amateurs! Poor Wiggo though, the bottle seemed to be flying pretty quickly! Have you ever been hit by anything particularly nasty?
    Good luck with the rest of the Giro!! Go Team Sky!!

  6. That was great. Really enjoyed watching that clip. Its good being able to see snippets of what you do training wise. Good Luck to you and the rest of the team for the TTT and the rest of the tour. The team bus is huge!

  7. What a tool that car was slinging rubbish out the window ! They shud be shot great video on the other hand thanks team sky

  8. Hey Michael,

    Good to see Steven took you on his old training loop. I used to run in to him there every now and then. Did he take you over that nice 5k stretch of cobbled roads? Good luck for the next 2,5 weeks and trying to come down to the finiish! Cheers, Rene

  9. Thanks for posting the video. It is almost as if I was riding with you guys. 🙂
    How fast were these practice runs? Judging by the shape of the echelon the wind wasn’t that bad?

    1. Hi Mark– thanks for the note. In the training sessions we ride at roughly 50 km/h depending on the wind. Even though the wind was strong the team looks quite smooth– which was the goal. Best, Michael

  10. Great film again.
    Keep them coming.
    Best of luck for the rest of the race.
    Stay safe!

  11. Felt like I was there with you – obviously I’d not be doing a turn or anything like that though!!!! Good luck for tomorrow.

  12. Maybe you can tape the Flip camera to the bars during the real TTT? That’d be a thrill.

    Really enjoy the posts, keep it up!


  13. Great video Michael, Thanks.
    Never thought a pro team would have to encounter that kind of abuse.
    We have on local club rides but you guy’s are travelling at 50km/h for G’s sake.

    Good luck in the Giro looking forward to your posts.

    Keep the rubber side down and have fun out there but be safe.
    Duck flying objects.

  14. Great Video, can you tell me what the music and and did Mr Wiggins catch up with the driver and give him some of his english charm ???

    1. Hi Spencer–The music I used in the clip is the New Deal and the song is Back To the Middle. Wiggo didn’t catch the car…he’s quick but not that quick….
      Cheers, Michael

  15. According to me this was inbetween Medemblik and Den Oever, in the Wieringen polder in North-Holland (70 km north of Amsterdam). The cobble road that Rene is talking about is the Zuiderkwelweg, 6 km long, our worst provincial road, and we call it ‘The Hell of North-Holland’. It is quiet comparable to ‘The Hell of the North’ (Paris-Roubaix). You’re doing well in the Giro Michael, keep it up. Rick, your fan from (North-) Holland

  16. Michael-thanks so much for the cool videos! Please keep them coming. Good luck with the rest of the Giro.

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