Lezyne Road Drive Pump




There is little worse than being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a puncture and no pump or spare tube. With a good pump, a couple of tubes, some small tools and a patch kit, you’ll be able to get home even if you have several flat tires. The market is flooded with small pumps that are frustratingly bad. CO2 cartridges are easy to carry, and fit in a pocket, but are useless if you’re out for a long and have several flat tires. Also, they create unnecessary waste. The Lezyne pump works extremely well and can get fitted on the water bottle cage bosses.

Along with a good pump here is what we suggest you carry along in your saddle bag so you’re able to fix most problems without having to call a friend, or taxi, to get you home: 1-2 spare tubes, tire levers, a universal tool with Allen wrenches and a chain tool, a small patch kit and replacement chain link.

Pumps can be custom painted to match your frame. Paint price starts at $80. Please inquire at [email protected]


  • Barrel, handle, piston, end caps and mounting bracket made entirely of CNC machined aluminum
  • Inflates tires with 20% fewer strokes than traditional hand pumps due to the HP (High Pressure) design
  • Equiped with the ABS (Air Bleed Equipped) Speed Flex hose: Presta only
  • Includes water bottle cage mount
  • Max: 160psi
  • Weight: 82g (small), 96g (medium), 110g (large)
  • Color: Black, polished silver or pumps can be custom painted to match your frame. Paint price starts at $100. Please inquire at [email protected]



Additional information


Silver, Black, White, Carbon


Medium 216mm, Large 283mm




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