Fi’zik Luce R1 Women’s Saddle Carbon Braided Rails – Navy/Pink – Large – 150mm



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The development of a new saddle concept for women seeking a more complete competition-level saddle is no small undertaking. Fizik applied highly specific understanding of what female cyclists require both preferentially and physiologically. Following an extensive research project Fizik undertook a whole new construction process for the ultimately comfortable, high-performing, lightweight women’s saddle, the Luce Carbon. It has a wider tail shape for an expanded seating platform with a shape that quickly narrows down toward the nose for better weight distribution and less friction on the thighs. This means you can sit back on it, or if you lean forward for an aggressive, low riding position, you can still push back against the tail section with freedom of leg movement.

The primary goal was to make a comfortable performance saddle that was optimal for longer, more competitive rides. The new construction process was developed to deliver on that goal. The strong, light shell is integrated from three separate sections: a carbon reinforced nylon spine co-injected with two very flexible, strong panels made from a thermoplastic elastomer. The Luce shell rides on Fizik’s Mobius carbon rail construction, accommodating a specially designed elongated pressure relief cut out, offering a combination of flexible support and comfortable freedom for the rider’s soft tissue zones. The flexible support and cover system is called IschialFlex, for lift and some independent movement under the sit-bones. Women, in general, are much more cognizant of the pelvic floor muscles (than men) which essentially create a basket around the ischial tuberosities and lower pelvis, and can both fatigue and become stressed under too much pressure. The shell is stiff for power transfer, but flexes to ease that pressure. Fizik believes this unique shape, structure, and carbon rails that provide a perfect profile for many female cyclists and maintains it’s structural stability over time- meaning it won’t breakdown or become too soft or flexy over time.

The Luce Carbon is available in two widths: Regular and Large. Both are 285mm long, with the overall width of the Regular at 144mm and the Large at 155mm. Saddle weight is light at 175g and 185g respectively. Both versions are ICS compatible, so you can use the integrated ICS accessory system of lights and saddle bags. For many female cyclists, finding a saddle is a nightmare. The questions of: how much padding, how wide, what shape, and so on really just muddy the waters. Just as any cyclist must experiment with shapes, sizes and padding levels, women who want to focus on performance must experience the gauntlet as well. The Luce design is different, and the flex system has truly been developed for the physiology and needs of women. That doesn’t mean it will work for every women who tries it, but consider these questions: do I find myself looking for seating support? Do I hate that my thighs rub on the saddle when I pedal? Can I find a comfortable, powerful position for high output pedaling when I need it? Do my sit bones get sore no matter how comfortable the saddle feels, even though I ride a lot?

The Luce was designed to help you answer these questions, and others as well. The 7x9mm Mobius braided carbon rails, so make sure your seatpost head clamp can accommodate the oval shape and size. Fizik has made it’s name men’s cycling, and it appears the company has applied the experience and expertise it developed for men’s saddles and very specifically studied the needs of female cyclists. The Luce Carbon drives overall weight down, and gives you a reliable, durable full featured saddle that truly reflects detailed knowledge and study of women’s needs. Find the comfort, power and control you have been seeking from a saddle from Fizik.




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