Challenge Latex Inner Tube Seamless



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Seamless ‘one-piece’ latex inner tubes provide a smooth, balanced ride with no pucker or bump like those found on other tubes. Latex tubes are lighter, thinner and more flexible than a butyl tube, increasing your comfort, lowering your rolling resistance, and helping to prevent flats. The tube also includes a removable core Presta valve making them compatible with both inline and external valve extenders.

  • Seamless & smooth latex material, no bumps at the valve
  • Improves rolling resistance and comfort
  • Strong and extremely elastic, thus very reliable
  • Is lighter weight than standard butyl and some superlight butyl tubes
  • Has a two-piece removable valve core for valve extender use
  • Handmade construction
  • Removable valve core
  • Valve core length 47mm
  • Width available: 700C x 23-30mm, 700C x 30-38mm, 700C x 33-40mm
  • ISO Diameter: 622 / Road / 29″
  • Weight: 75
  • Tube Compound: Latex

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700c x 30-38mm, 700c x 23-30mm, 700C x 33-40mm




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