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  • On July 1, three teenagers from San Francisco pedaled their bicycles to Ocean Beach and ceremoniously dipped their back wheels into the waters of the Pacific. With that, they pushed east, beginning a transcontinental journey that appears on course to wrap up later this month in New York.  As they pedaled across America, the Lessons Keep Coming.  The romance of the open road is well established: meeting strangers, self-enlightenment, getting lost and breaking down. But are these ideals holding up in the cruel summer of 2020?  Read the New York Times feature on their trip:They’re Teens Biking Across a Turbulent Country. 
  • How a Coffee Farmer Should Have Been (One of) Columbia’s Greatest Cyclists.
  • Former pro classics rider, Juan Antonio Flecha, who raced with Michael Barry on Team Sky for several years, talks about Dave Brailsford, his childhood icons and his passion for riding in this interview in the Road Book Of Cycling.
  • New research from Transport for London (TfL) claims that people walking, cycling and using public transport spend more than motorists in local shops. Conducted by Matthew Carmona from University College London’s Bartlett School of Planning, the research reveals that those not in cars spend 40% more each month in neighborhood shops than motorists.  TfL’s Director of Transport Strategy Lilli Matson said: “This research from our new online hub shows the link between creating enjoyable spaces, where people want to spend time, and the results for better business.”  Read more at Forbes
  • Motorists woke up one mid-70s morning to find new one-way streets made direct crosstown journeys impossible by car. Forty years later Groningen boasts two-thirds of all trips made by bike … and the cleanest air of any big Dutch city. Read about How Groningen invented a cycling template for cities all over the world in the Guardian.  
  • E-bikes are all the rage, but should they be? Two new studies shed light on whether pedal-assisted electric bikes provide good exercise, and how safe (or unsafe) they might be.
  • The 2020 Growling Beaver will take place in a different format due to COVID-19 restrictions.  Our hope is to keep the community together and engaged around the critical cause of helping people with Parkinson’s.  Register now for the 2020 Growling Beaver Brevet.  Sign up now and receive a free Rapha long sleeve technical t-shirt.