The ‘F40/M50’ project is the result of a collaboration between Mariposa Bicycles, as we celebrate 50 years of building frames using traditional lugged steel construction, and Fig40, an award winning industrial design firm whose focus is exceptional furniture.

This collaboration has been explored through the development of a stool – a stool can capture a balance between sculpture and utility and is an active piece of furniture – much like a bicycle. The stool utilizes a conventional typology, sits at bar height and reflects detailing of fine, hand built bicycles. The exploration of lugged construction, as it applies to furniture, takes its first step away from the bicycle in using actual frame lugs to make the lower foot rest connections in the frame. Its second step is in the connection of the frame to the seat where a new kind of lug is created.

When shown in the context of a bicycle and the introduction of Mariposa colour ways, chrome and paint treatments, a logical lineage can be seen. The result is a furniture piece, beautifully made capturing details and sensibilities of familiar products brought together to create something new.


Lee Fletcher, Terence Woodside, Dede Barry, Michael Barry, Ian Buckley

Jan 17 – Jan 26 2020
Exhibition Location:  Cherry Bomb Coffee 79 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto, ON
Meet The Designers & Builders: January 18, 2-4pm at Cherry Bomb Coffee 79 Roncesvalles Avenue Toronto, ON

  • Jan 17 FRI 7:00am 6:00pm
  • Jan 18 SAT 7:30am 6:00pm
  • Jan 19 SUN 8:30am 6:00pm
  • Jan 20 MON 7:00am 6:00pm
  • Jan 21 TUE 7:00am 6:00pm
  • Jan 22 WED 7:00am 6:00pm
  • Jan 23 THU 7:00am 6:00pm
  • Jan 24 FRI 7:00am 6:00pm
  • Jan 25 SAT 7:30am 6:00pm
  • Jan 26 SUN 8:30am 6:00pm

Photograpy by Walter Lai

To learn more about the F40 / M50 Stool Design Process, please click on this link. 

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