A c1950s Jo Routens restoration.  A replica Routens front derailleur, the fenders stays and the rear carrier was built in the Mariposa Bicycles – Bicycle Specialties workshop by Michael Barry.  The frame repairs and paint were also done in the Mariposa Bicycles – Bicycle Specialties workshop.




One thought on “Restoration Feature: c1950s Jo Routens

  1. In 1975, the year I met Mike Sr., just coming off a 6 month tour, I decided to buy a legitimate touring frame & Mike recommended Routens. After waiting several months, I decided to have Mike build me a Mariposa touring bike instead, using Super Champion rims & 650b x 32mm tires, an idea stolen from tandem bikes.
    As a tip of the hat to Routens, the frame incorporated wrap-around seat stays.
    This restored bike clearly does not have that feature.
    I’d be interested to know when Routens added the wrap around feature.

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