The video was taken from the Sky team car during the ZLM Tour. Hopefully, it gives the viewer an idea of the countryside we ride through and the chaos in the race caravan. The driver always needs to be aware of what’s going on around the car as riders and other team cars are constantly passing and changing lanes. (The song is Verona by Geographer)

7 thoughts on “In the Race Caravan.

  1. Thanks again Barry, to provide us with this interesting video, something i would never be able to experience.

    But where in the world is the ZLM race going on ??

    Flemming from Denmark

  2. Wow that looks really scary, it may be the camera lens that is compressing the view or those roads are really narrow. Sort of reminds of riding to work across Toronto everyday except no one is looking out for me and I probably won’t get a wheel change anytime soon.

  3. Hi Michael

    Brillant what more can I say thanks for putting it up

    Stay well & love to your family and Mum & Dad

    Yours in our Sport


  4. Fantastic video Michael and a great insight into life in the caravan. It’s something the fans just don’t see enough and I for one think there should be far more coverage like this during live tv footage.

    ITV2’s occasional videos of inside Sean Yates’ car during the tour was great viewing.

    Who were you rising with in the car?

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