Veloflex Master 25 Road Racing Tires

$129.99 $99.99


Master 25 clincher tires are designed for bicycle training and racing.

They are lightweight (220 gr) and Master 25 tires have a 25 mm section that provides an extraordinary combination of comfort and performance.

Master 25 clincher tires are made with the same 320 TPI (thread per inch) casing as Veloflex tubulars to offer lower rolling resistance and greater flexibility.

They are suitable for training and racing as they combine the excellent performance of a tubular and the comfortable mounting and fitting of a clincher tire while guaranteeing great handling during cornering in all weather conditions.

All Master 25 tubular sidewalls have a unique gum colour, which gives them a classic look, and are made with superior material processed with the latest technology.

Like all Veloflex products, Master 25 tires are handmade in Italy with artisan processing and in limited quantity.



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