2021 MJCT Risk Management Plan


Cycling can be a dangerous activity. Mariposa Jetpower Cycling Team (MJCT) has developed this Risk Management Plan to document how MJCT rides are to be managed to reduce risks associated with cycling activities.  These policies are to be practiced by MJCT members, and any permitted visiting riders as permitted by Ontario Cycling Association rules, during every MJCT ride. All MJCT members, and any permitted visiting riders, share the responsibility for making MJCT rides as safe as possible.

Each MJCT member shall receive a copy, electronic or otherwise of this Risk Management Plan and a copy shall be available on the supporting website at:

Additional information regarding MJCT rules and programs can also be found on the MJCT page of the Mariposa Bicycles website.


 MJCT Rides means rides formally organized by the MJCT and as described on the MJCT webpage.  Rides not listed on the MJCT website are not MJCT rides.

MJCT Insurance

  • The MJCT annually has General Liability Insurance coverage through the Ontario Cycling Association (OCA) for each MJCT member.   General Liability Insurance is designed to protect a person (member) or any entity (Province, Club, Canadian Cycling Association) against any legal responsibility arising out of a negligent act or failure to act as a prudent person would have acted, which results in bodily injury or property damage to another party. MJCT members should familiarize themselves with the terms of the insurance coverage. The coverage details may be accessed through the OCA website.
  • The MJCT must receive signed OCA insurance waivers from each MJCT member; membership is not assigned or granted until a signed waiver is received by the MJCT.

Standards of Care

  • This Risk Management Plan and all MJCT programs and rides shall adhere to the following, as applicable:
  • UCI, CCA, OCA rules and regulations as they pertain to Club Rides.
  • Ontario Highway Traffic Act
  • While on MJCT Rides, all MJCT members must adhere to and obey all rules of the road as per the Ontario Highway Traffic Act.  The Ontario Highway Traffic Act is available here:  http://www.e-laws.gov.on.ca/html/statutes/english/elaws_statutes_90h08_e.htm 

Risk Management


  • All members of the MJCT are responsible for bringing forward to the MJCT ride leader any safety issues related to MJCT Rides which present themselves throughout the riding season.
  • While on MJCT Rides, all MJCT members must adhere to and obey all rules of the road as per the Ontario Highway Traffic Act.
  • Any MJCT member on a MJCT Ride should immediately advise the ride coordinator(s) and other members of the ride should the member feel the group or individuals in the group are riding in an unsafe manner.  The member should withdraw from the ride if they feel unsafe.
  • All participants of the MJCT Rides must provide proof of membership in good standing prior to each ride, if requested by the ride coordinator.  If an ineligible rider insists on participating even after being asked not to, then the MJCT Ride may proceed, however, the ride coordinator shall advise the ineligible rider, with a witness present, that he or she is ineligible and is not covered by any MJCT insurance and is responsible for all his/ her actions.
  • Each MJCT Ride participant will conduct themselves in a responsible manner and retains liability for their own actions.


Ride Coordinators

  • A ride coordinator(s) will be appointed for each MJCT Ride.  The ride coordinator will identify himself/herself to the group so that everyone is aware of who is coordinating the ride.  The ride coordinator may describe the general ride route, and may provide a brief safety tip at the commencement of the ride.  Each individual group on a MJCT Ride may not have a coordinator.
  • The ride coordinator(s) has the final decision on all matters pertaining to the MJCT Ride and his/her decisions must be respected by all participants.  The rider coordinator may appoint a designate should the ride coordinator be unable to attend a MJCT Ride.
  • Ride coordinators will carry cell phones for emergency use on all MJCT Rides and, from time to time, will remind riders to carry their own cell phones on MJCT Rides.  Riders should immediately call 911 in the event of an emergency.



  • MJCT Rides on roads will be planned to use lesser- traveled roads where possible and practical.
  • MJCT Rides will not run if lightning is present and will be cancelled if lightning is sighted.
  • When a large number of riders come out for any given MJCT Ride, the riders will be encouraged by the ride leader to break into smaller groups.  A size of 6-10 is a reasonable group. Groups should be at least 100 metres apart on the road to allow other vehicles to pass safely in two manoeuvres.
  • MJCT members are responsible for ensuring that their bicycle is in good working order before attending each MJCT Ride.
  • Bicycle helmets must be worn at all times while participating in any MCRT ride and other protective equipment is strongly encouraged (e.g., gloves, eye wear).
  • Front and rear lights are required during any MJCT Ride which takes place one half hour before sunset and/ or which may extend into darkness.
  • While trail riding all riders must be courteous and considerate of other trail users and the trail system.
  • MJCT members are responsible for ensuring they are sufficiently fit for their desired activity.
  • MJCT members are responsible for bringing sufficient liquids and food, as required, for each MJCT Ride, as well as appropriate tools/ spare tubes, etc.
  • MJCT members are not to be under the influence of any drug or beverage product that could impair their riding judgment while on a MJCT Ride.
  • Any and every accident on a MJCT Ride shall be immediately reported to a MCRT rider leader to be reported to the Ontario Cycling Association (OCA) through the proper reporting procedures and forms provided by the OCA. The list of Board members can be found on the MJCT website.

Skills Development

  • The MJCT encourages all riders to be comfortable and proficient with group riding before joining a MJCT ride.
  • To support rider skills development, the MJCT will periodically hold skills development programs for road riding and/ or cyclocross biking and encourages all MJCT members to attend these programs and / or other cycling skills courses.
  • Riders may be requested to complete a skills development program before attending or continuing to attend regular scheduled MJCT rides. This applies for both road and off-road MJCT rides.
  • New or novice member are encouraged to participate in the Learn to Ride programs offered by the MJCT before participating in more challenging or technically advanced rides.

COVID-19 Protocols

  • MJCT will follow the protocols listed under the OCA’s Progressive Return To Cycling https://ontariocycling.org/covid-19-information/
  • 2021 Team ride sizes will be subject to change as the Provincial Requirements change.
  • All team members must complete an OCA COVID Waver & Submit a copy to the MJCT. This will permit team members to participate in the team registered Team rides.
  • A MJCT will send out an weekly email to the team regarding the team’s rides for the week and sometimes additional e-mails based on changes due to weather.
  • We will split groups based on level and at the start of each ride, we may make modifications based on numbers per group with the intent of having 10 or fewer riders per group, including ride leaders. The group sizes will to adhere to current COVID-19 gathering protocols put out by the Provincial Government & the OCA Progressive Return to Cycling.
  • Do not attend any Team Rides if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19. Symptoms can include, but are not limited to:
    • Fever and/or chills
    • Cough, sore throat or difficulty swallowing
    • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
    • Muscle aches
    • Runny, stuffy or congested nose (not related to season allergies or other known causes)
    • Lost sense of taste or smell
    • Extreme tiredness
    • Any other symptoms as identified by health experts (https://www.ontario.ca/page/covid-19-stop-spread#section-0)
  • All Team Members are reminded:
    • Bring a mask or suitable face covering. While gathered and waiting for ride to start or at the end of the ride wear a mask. Wear a mask when entering a public place during a ride stop.
    • To wash your hands and disinfect your equipment before and after the ride.
    • Each member should carry hand sanitizer, face mask and (optional) gloves for their own use.
    • Each member shall be as self-sufficient as possible. Bring enough food and hydration as possible to reduce the number of stops as possible. Do not share any food, water or equipment.
    • To maintain a minimum two-metre distance from one another, and from all people, at all times including when approaching a stop or passing.
    • Send home riders that show any symptoms or contact their emergency contact / 9-1-1 as appropriate.