Tubeless tires have quickly become the norm and they are great for reducing the odds of a flat tire, as the sealant fills small holes and many tubeless tire roll more efficiently.  That said, they do require more maintenance.  Any Extralight or porous tire may need to be re-inflated more often.  Sealants are not all the same.  We find that Silca and Panaracer seal the largest holes and generally perform the best.

Riding at the right PSI with tubeless tires is critical for both performance and safety.  We find the Silca PSI calculator to be very accurate.

Normally tubeless tires need to have their sealant replenished every 90-120 days as well (there is variability based on the tire).  We recommend that you replenish with the same sealant that your tires were originally set up with.  We recommend the Silca Sealant replenisher, as it is compatible with sealant injectors, comes with rubber hose for easy injection and when used every 90-120 days, can extend Ultimate Tubeless Sealant w/FIBERFOAM life to a year.

We also recommend considering tubeless tire inserts for both safety and to protect your wheel if you do flat.

If you do flat on the road, it’s always handy to have a tubeless plug kit to keep you rolling.

Tubeless set up can be messy.  Silca has an excellent Sealant Remover that we highly recommend for clean up.