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  • There is a hot new fitness trend among Olympians in Tokyo:  Blood flow restriction to enhance the effects of training and stimulate recovery.  Learn about it @NYTimes
  • You’ve probably experienced it. And you’ve certainly heard of it: that state of being in the zone, in the groove, on a roll. It’s what researchers call ‘flow’: a state intimately familiar to athletes and artists — and to anyone who’s been fully absorbed in a given task to the point where time seems to stand still, and even the sense of self disappears. CBC shares some tips on how to achieve FLOW make the impossible, possible. 
  • To be competitive in a time trial, it is important to be as aerodynamic as possible.  Not everyone has unlimited funds for bike equipment, so if you are looking to improve, but want to make sure you are getting the best return on your investment, take a look at this guide that Cycling Tips put together:  Biggest Bang For Your Buck in Time Trial Equipment.  What is interesting is that come of the big ticket items, like aero frames and disc wheels have a relatively small effect on performance, while some of the less expensive items like tight clothing, shoe covers and aerobars result in huge improvements.
  • Do you ever wonder what’s the best time of day to workout?  According to Dr. Greg WellsThe best time of day to workout is the time of day that you think you can do consistently! Some people like to get their workout done first thing in the morning, others like to do a midday workout to boost energy levels, while other people find an evening workout helps them de-stress from their hectic day. Everyone is different so find a time of day that works best for you. The only thing to watch out for is the timing of your exercise before bed. You don’t want to do anything too intense within a couple hours of going to bed as this can increase your body temperature too much and has been associated with reduced sleep efficiency. However, light and even moderate exercise don’t appear to negatively affect sleep if done within a couple hours before bed. One great exercise to do right before bed is a light yoga or stretching routine, as it can activate your parasympathetic nervous system.
  • The photograph above is Mount Ventoux, a classic mountain pass in the Provencal region of France, on which many Tour de France battles have taken place and where Wout van Aert captures his first mountain stage on win at the Tour de France 2021. Captured by Michael Blann, it is one of the many beautiful photos in his Mountains: Epic Cycling Climbs book.