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  • Kick off the holidays with a fun movie: How a Bicycle is Made. Dating from 1945, the movie takes you through the Raleigh factory in Britain. See how lugs are pressed, tubing is welded, fenders are rolled, and many other steps in the production of a¬†bicycle. Watch the 17-minute¬†movie in our Journal and read which techniques are still the same today, and which are different for modern high-performance bikes.
  • Here are a couple of¬†throwback documentaries on the iconic 7-Eleven¬†and Motorola Cycling Teams that give you great insight into that era of professional cycling.
  • And don’t miss the 1953 Tour de France, where you can see both differences and similarities to the modern Tour.
  • City dwellers around the world turned to bicycles as the pandemic forced urban areas to restrict public transit. In the crowded Philippine capital, that meant weaving through notoriously bad traffic. ¬†When the Trains Stopped, Cyclists Dodged Manila‚Äôs Choking Traffic
  • Chris Mosier, a triathlete and the first openly transgender man to compete as a member of Team USA, joins Dhani Jones to talk about how he got into endurance sports and became the first trans pro triathlete in this third episode of¬†Someone Like Me¬†presented by Gatorade Endurance.¬†Dhani Jones interviews Chris Mosier, Team USA Transgender Athlete. Learn how sport gave Chris the confidence to be his authentic self. >>¬†¬†The¬†Someone Like Me¬†campaign is about shining a light on outstanding individuals of different backgrounds ‚ÄĒ BIPOC, transgender, and adaptive athletes ‚ÄĒ who are participating in endurance sports. Another episode of interesting is¬†the first episode with Max Fennell, the first pro Black triathlete.
  • Bike lanes have been approved for Yonge Street in rebuild of North York Centre. Learn more @Toronto Star¬†>>
  • Photograph above is by Michael Blann from his Mountains: Epic Cycling Climbs book. ¬†Availalable here>>