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  • Recently two young American pro cyclists, Quinn Simmons and Chloe Dygart were reprimanded by their teams for racist comments and behaviors and  light has been shed on the pervasiveness of racism in the sport of cycling.   Ayesha McGowen, a female African-American professional cyclist, recently wrote a thoughtful and insightful piece on on racism in cycling and what should be done about it. >>
  • Our friend and Dede’s former teammate, Juli Furtado, was the Queen of Mountain Biking in the 1990s. Juli’s story is one of incredible triumph and unbelievable struggle. As one of the most iconic names in cycling history, Juli pedaled her way to one of the most dominant streaks the sport has seen: in a mere six years she won multiple world titles in both downhill and cross-country, five national titles, three World Cup overalls, and raced in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. At 29 years old, a Lupus diagnosis forced her to an early retirement. Just a handful of years prior, while she was at the top of the skiing world, a similar scenario had played out. Since those days of glory, Juli has kept a low profile, even amidst launching the successful Juliana brand of bicycles. It was only in the last couple of years that she began to open up about her dark childhood and her struggles with depression. Juli manages to bring a razor sharp wit to this challenging topic, and offers important insight as to how to best support those who might be struggling. Although this was recorded a while ago it is worth listening to Juli @ Adventure Stache podcast. 
  • Hugo Houle blasts Cycling Canada for ‘incompetence’ as road program struggles for finance. For generations, Canada has struggled to support their elite athletes at the highest level of competition even when they have contenders for World and Olympics titles. In the 2020 World Championships Road Race, Canadian Mike Woods was in the leading group until the final laps–how would he have finished if he had similar support to the Italians, Belgians or the French?
  • The art of bicycle racing—generations of artists have been influenced by the bicycle and the motion, colour and vibrance of the races. This article eloquently captures what drew the artists to the swirl of motion. >>
  • Learn how carbon frames are made by watching this Allied Cycleworks Factory video tour by Gravel Cyclist

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