Ahead of the Colorado Classic, the best collegiate women in the United States assembled in Boulder, Colorado for a training camp based out of Skratch Labs with Allen Lim, PhD and Dede Demet Barry.

The Collegiate All Stars will be racing as the USA Cycling National Team at the Colorado Classic Professional Bicycle Race.  Allen, Dede and crew spent hours and hours cooking, motor pacing, leading skills clinics, climbing mountains, driving support, lecturing and bringing in several other Olympians for clinics and rides.

Watch VeloNews.com Beyond the Limits report and watch the Beyond Limits film on the training camp.


The team:

  • National collegiate criterium champ Anna Christian – University of Colorado
  • National collegiate road champ Cara O’Neill – University of Arizona
  • Charlotte Backus – Fort Lewis
  • Emma Edwards – MIT
  • Madeline Bemis – Milligan
  • Sammi Runnels – Savannah College of Art and Design
  • And defending Colorado Classic champ Katie Hall – Berkeley (not shown)

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