Saris H3 Connected Kit Smart Trainer


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The Saris H3 Connected Kit direct drive smart trainer is the quietest smart trainer that Saris has produced putting out only 59db at 20mph. The Connected Kit includes cassette, USB ANT Stick, Sweat Guard and a month of Zwift and Rouvy. Each H3 is made from cast and machined aluminum for strength and stability. Encased inside are components meticulously calibrated to measure power, speed and cadence, as well as a precision-balanced flywheel – all built to handle 2000 watts and replicate a 20% climbing grade. Tested to withstand heavy training, the H3’s internal cooling system will keep the electromagnetic resistance system working – and accurate – long after your legs have given out.

  • One month subscriptions to Zwift and Rouvy included
  • Includes 11-25 11-speed cassette, ANT dongle and sweat guard
  • Precise Training: +/- 2% power accuracy
  • Controlled and Consistent: electromagnetic resistance provides a measured workout every time
  • Direct Drive Design: widest bike compatibility and eliminates wheel slips
  • No External Sensors Required: measures speed, cadence and power
  • Seamless Integration: connects to indoor cycling apps with dual ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth FTMS standards
  • Noise level:59 decibels at 20 mph
  • Maximum power output: 2000 watts at 20 mph
  • Built-in front wheel block
  • Thru-axle compatible for bike frames with widths of 142 or 148
  • Quick-release compatible for bike frames with widths of 130mm and 135 mm
  • Model: H3 Direct Drive Smart Trainer Connected Kit
  • Brand: Saris
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 9830TZ
  • UPC: 012527018680
  • UPC: 125270186800




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