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Exceptional Handling. Ultra Lightweight. King of the Mountain.


Borrowing from the improvements in the Wake 6560 Evolution and Alta 3532, the Peak 4550 Evolution again raises the bar.

Internal rim width has been increased to 21mm internal (28.2mm external) while rim weight has been reduced to 420g. Stiffness and balance increase, thanks to our patented Radially Staggered Lacing, and aerodynamic efficiency increases as well.

Now, Peak 4550 Evolution has a similar graphic design to our Wake 6560 Evolution, which creates harmony for staggered Peak/Wake sets.

Peak 4550 Evolution will continue to have a hooked, hole-less, tubeless ready tire bed, which can accommodate clincher/tubed tires or tubeless tires with no tape needed and no tire pressure restrictions. Competing hookless rims, while less expensive to manufacture and lighter weight, have proven problematic and potentially dangerous, especially in relation to tire choices and tire pressure limits. Princeton CarbonWorks still firmly believes in a hooked rim providing the safest and fastest solution for road riding and racing.

An added valve-nut landing makes wheel set up even easier. Rim brake, and tubular tire beds for both disc and rim brake, will also be available by special order only.

All builds come with Sapim CX-Ray spokes with a selection of DT Swiss 180 or 240 hubs (White Industries, DT Swiss, Chris King, and Tactic Racing hubs also available by special order).

As with the Wake 6560 Evolution, 10 color and finish options are available by special order.

Exceptional Handling. Ultra Lightweight. King of the Mountain.

Peak 4550 Evolution is still available in every configuration, for every road rider and every bike: clincher/tubeless ready and tubular, disc brake and rim brake.

Development priorities were to improve on the already exceptional aerodynamic characteristics and the strength and stiffness of the previous generation Peak 4550. The next evolution of a wheelset that is light, responsive, and fast accelerating for the climbs. On the descents, a wheelset that is predictable and sharp handling. And in the valleys, a wheelset that is aerodynamic and impervious to crosswinds.

PCW’s standard non-drilled tire bed facilitates a stiffer outer rim and transfers some material away from the tire bed to other critical areas in the wheel, helping to keep wheel weight low while maintaining high stiffness values.

Disc Brake Wheelset Weights:

  • Tactic Racing TR01: 1275g
  • DT Swiss DT180EXP: 1345g
  • Chris King R45D Ceramic: 1460g
  • Tactic Racing TR02: 1350g
  • DT Swiss 240: 1370g
  • White Industries CLD: 1480g


  • Internal width (hook to hook): 21.0 mm
  • External width (max): 28.2mm
  • Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray
  • Nipples: Sapim SecureLock Alloy

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Hub Type

DT Swiss 240, DT Swiss 180


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