Mariposa Wool Gloves


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These gloves are contructed with durable American merino wool yarn that forms an abrasion resistant exterior that blocks enough air to keep you warm, while still allowing hands to breathe during aerobic activity. The grippers allow for plenty of dexterity in holding the bars, reaching into pockets, unwrapping, eating food and operate a touch screen smart phone. The tips of the middle finger, index finger and thumb have the Duraglove ET technology that allows you to operate your device as well as you could without wearing gloves at all. Now you can tap away without your fingers getting cold!

Technical Specifications:

  • Electronic Touch grippers on the tips of the middle finger, index finger and thumb so that you can operate your smart phone and/or GPS without removing the gloves.
  • Composition: 40% American Merino Wool, 40% Cordura, 12% Nylon, 7% Lycra, 1% Silver Ag
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