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Rene Herse tire development has been based on decades of experience of riding road and gravel.  They have been proven to perform in racing (Top placings in Arkansas High Country Race, Grinduro, Mid-South, Steamboat Gravel, etc.), endurance events (Paris-Brest-Paris, French Divide, Oregon Outback) and adventures worldwide (Cascade Mountains, Pyrenees, Japan, Peru, Mexico).  Rene Herse works with leading rim makers (Enve, Zipp, HED) to ensure compatibility of the tires.

We use René Herse – Compass Tires on many of our custom Mariposa Bicycles (cyclocross, touring, road, randonneur, city, all-road, and adventure bikes), as they are fast and handle well due to the tread pattern and supple casing. There are a variety of tread patterns for all applications whether racing, touring or riding on the dirt. We stock the range (Standard, Extralight, Endurance and Endurance Plus, as well as different widths and tread patterns).

The Casing

The casing determines the ride and performance of your tire. Rene Herse tires are available with four casings:

Standard – Supple Workhorse
  • Comfortable and fast
  • Strong enough to survive considerable abuse
  • The most economical choice
  • Tan sidewall
Extralight – Ultimate Performance
  • Speed: among the world’s fastest tires
  • Comfort: amazingly smooth ride
  • Weight: lightest tires in their sizes
  • But: Ultra-supple sidewalls less resistant to cuts
  • Tan or black sidewall
Endurance – Strong and Supple
  • The extra-fine threads of our Extralight in a denser, stronger weave
  • Protection layer against punctures and sidewall cuts
  • Same speed as Standard casing, but with extra protection
  • Easiest to set up tubeless
  • Works well with hookless rims
  • Dark tan sidewall
Endurance Plus – Ultra-Tough
  • Thicker threads for even more strength
  • Stronger protection layer
  • One of the world’s toughest gravel tires
  • 1-2% slower than Standard and Endurance (depends on speed/wind resistance)
  • Recommend when even our Endurance casing isn’t strong enough
  • Dark tan sidewall

Tread Pattern

The tread pattern makes your tire grip and roll well. Rene Herse offers two tread patterns:

All-Road -Road and Gravel
  • Great on pavement
  • Chevron ribs interlock with the road surface
  • Superior traction, especially in the wet
  • Great on smooth and dry gravel
  • Longitudinal center ribs serve as a wear indicator
Dual Purpose Knobby – Mud, Snow and Adventure
  • Large knobs don’t squirm on pavement
  • Knob pattern puts always the same amount of rubber on the road
  • Rides and corners like a good road tire on pavement (really!)
  • Open tread doesn’t clog up
  • Performs like the best knobbies in mud, dirt or snow
  • Noise cancellation (Oracle, Fleecer Ridge) for a quiet ride
  • Why don’t we ride knobbies all the time?
    • wear a little faster
    • less straight-line stability

If you are installing tubeless tires for the first time, you will find this video on how to install tubeless tires helpful.


Rene Herse

Additional information


Cayuse Pass 700C x 26mm, Chinook Pass 700C x 28mm, Stampede Pass 700C x 32mm, Jon Bon Pass 700C x 35mm, Barlow Pass 700C x 38mm, Steilacoom 700C x 38, Hurricane Ridge 700C x 42mm, Snoqualmie Pass 700C x 44mm, Oracle Ridge 700C x 48mm, Antelope Hill 700C x 55, Feecer Ridge 700C x 55

Colour & Weight

Standard (Tan), Extra-light (Black), Extra-light (Tan), Endurance (Dark Tan), Endurance Plus (Dark Tan)

4 reviews for René Herse – Compass Tires 700C

  1. Avatar


    Can’t believe how these tyres have transformed my Cannondale Quick into a great commuter. A very slick looking machine – pity about the rider….

  2. Avatar

    Derek Cooper (verified owner)

    Can’t say enough about these tires – I ride the Bon Jon Pass extralights on gravel almost daily. They are super comfortable, somehow do an amazing job gripping and roll fast. No other tire comes close.

    • dede


      Thank you for the feedback Derek. We agree.

  3. Avatar


    Excellent tyres suited for road + gravel. Choose the extra light for a faster ride, or the regular casing for added durability for rougher terrain. Long lasting + a very supple ride. The only tyres I ride on my Mariposa bicycle.

  4. Avatar

    Stuart N

    Amazing tires but do buy from a Canadian retailer. I purchased direct and the service was simply awful. My concerns were never dealt with. They just ignored me until I gave up.

    • Dede Barry

      Dede Barry

      Thank you. I am pleased that you like the tires and we try to do out best with the service.

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