As a member of the Mariposa Cycle Racing Team, you understand and agree that your participation in events, programs, races, or activities organized, operated, conducted and/or sanctioned by the Mariposa Cycle Racing Team and/or Provincial Associations and Various CCA Clubs and Members registered with CCA is conditional upon the agreement of the following club’s waiver as indicated below.

  • You are aware that cycling, and in particular competitive cycling, touring and all road cycling, involves the possibility of injury or death.
  • Negligence, gross negligence or negligent rescue
  • You understand that all applicable rules for participation must be followed and that SOLE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR PERSONAL SAFETY REMAINS WITH YOU, including your physical and emotional preparation and fitness to participate in all events and programs throughout the year.
  • You undertake and agree to remove your self from participation if you sense or observe any unusual hazard or unsafe condition, or if, at any time, at any event or program, you feel unable or unfit to safety continue for any reason.
  • You give, a FULL RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND ALL CLAIMS that you have, or may have in the future, against the Mariposa Cycle Racing Team, and all other Releasees from all liability for any loss damage, injury or expense that you may suffer as a result of your participation in any part or parts of the events or programs or your presence at any venue at which they may take place, due to any cause whatsoever including the forms of negligence set forth in paragraph 2 above or from any breach of contract or statutory duty or other duty of care including any duty of care owed under the relevant Occupier’s Liability Act, on the part of the Releasees.
  • You AGREE NOT TO SUE and you further agree TO INDEMNIFY AND SAVE HARMLESS the Releasees from all expenses, fees, liability or damage award or cost of any type whatsoever arising from your participation in these events or programs.

    You AGREE NOT TO SUE and you further agree TO INDEMNIFY AND SAVE HARMLESS the Releasees from all. You also agree not to make or continue any actions, crossclaims, third party claims, or any other proceedings whatsoever in any forum against any person, corporation, entity or organization of any kind who or which might have or continue any claims, actions, crossclaims, third party claim or any other proceedings whatsoever for contribution, indemnity, or other relief over from the opposing parties or any of them with respect to any of the causes, matters or things referred to herein.