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The Mariposa Racing Team is an active riding and racing team designed for a community of like-minded, passionate cyclists. Our goal is to share our knowledge, contribute the to community, create novel experiences and have fun riding our bikes.

Mariposa Bicycles was founded from a passion for cycling and the MRT was established with the same values. As a member of the MRT you will join a community which shares in the Mariposa experience.

Above all else the Mariposa Racing Team (MRT) is a cycling club, dedicated to offering members a wide range of opportunities to ride and race.

  • Weekly rides for youth
  • Extended adventures
  • Riding, skills clinics and mentorship for youth
  • Support members riding development
  • Limited edition bike collaborations
  • Discounts at Mariposa Bicycles (Parts and Labor 10% discount, Mariposa Apparel 20% discount)


  • Bicycle fit and training advice from former professional and Olympic cyclists, Michael and Dede Barry
  • MRT Race Jersey lifetime crash replacement (50% discount)

The Mariposa  Racing Team is based in Toronto, Canada and founded by a vibrant community of riders who share the passion of adventure.

We offer members a range of products in MCRT colours to ensure optimum comfort whatever the riding conditions.

The Mariposa Newsletter is a bi-weekly digital newsletter that includes bicycle design, technology, history, training, interviews, bike travel and stories you won’t find elsewhere.  Sign up here.