Green Space For Growth

Within a few blocks we leave our sleeping neighbourhood streets and enter the lush green of the park. The spring air is thick with humidity. The houses are still dark, their inhabitants catching [...]

Feature Interview: Oliver Bertin

Oliver Bertin has been a friend and Mariposa customer for more than 30 years. He’s also an award-winning journalist and editor, who covered the Tour de France in the 1980s. He’s published [...]


By Michael Barry Photography by Ian Austen Towards the end of my 30 years of racing, where all goals were in the pursuit of a finish line, I came to realize that the best days on the bike were [...]


By Michael Barry A cyclist, especially a racing cyclist, is constantly looking for a reprieve from the wind, to save energy, to gain an advantage, and to move faster. The wind is often our [...]


By Dede Barry Video by Dave Delnea, Westside Studio Toronto Photography by Walter Lai When I was a girl, growing up in Milwaukee in the 70’s, a step through bike with a lower top tube was [...]

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