After a lifetime of bicycle racing and experiences that have taken me around the world, introduced me to my wife and my closest friends, I am ready to retire as a professional cyclist. 2012 will be my last racing season. The Tour of Beijing will be my final race. Cycling will forever be my passion but it is time to change direction to spend more time with my family. I’ve reached a period in my life where I want to grow in other directions and experience some of what I had put on hold while racing.

As a boy, I was fortunate to have supportive parents who surrounded me with a nurturing community. Through the most challenging moments in my cycling career and life, my family has been the safety net that gave me the confidence to persist. Firstly, I must thank them for their unwavering support and love. My wife, Dede, a retired professional cyclist, supported my career and goals and understood the sacrifices a cyclist’s family must make.

Through my 14 year professional career I’ve been fortunate to race with many of the top teams. From my first coaches and clubmates to Dave Brailsford and my Team Sky teammates I’ve had the opportunity to race and learn from many of the best.  The last three years on Team Sky has been ideal on every level. Racing is the job I dreamed of doing. I must thank my teammates, coaches, and rivals for making the job satisfying and memorable. The emotions after crossing the finish line, sitting on the bus with teammates and recounting the day will be hard to recreate.

Many of my fondest memories involve the bike but reach far beyond races: riding through the parks with my mother on the way to school, riding with my father, uncle and aunt through Provence, riding with my wife in the Rocky Mountains, and teaching my sons to ride their bikes.  On the bike, our relationships developed. That will continue long after I retire as cycling will always be a part of me. Cycling has given me something that reaches far beyond finish lines and race results. Over the last year, as I’ve thought of retirement and reflected on my career, this has become increasingly clear.  The racing journey has been a thrill but the cycling journey will continue.

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  • Jayme

    No, thank you. I hope you do not retire from writing anytime soon.

  • Ankush

    Good luck for the new chapter in life.

  • Mike Zikovitz

    Congrats on a fantastic career, Michael. Here’s to a fantastic retirement! No doubt you’ll continue to do great things.

  • Greg

    been a fan of your for years…very classy rider. Best of luck to you, you will be missed.

  • john smith

    Hi Michael, congratulations on a wonderful career. Please please tell me that your going to put it all down in words. Enjoy your retirement and especially your family.

  • Daniel McMahon

    Best of luck, Michael. Thanks for the great insight over the years through all your blog posts and stories.

  • Brian

    Congratulations on a great career and all the best for the future.

    I’ve always enjoyed your writings so I hope your future projects involve some books!

  • Charles Pelkey

    Michael, it was an honor and a privilege to get to know you over the years. I wish you and Dede and the kids the very best in years to come.
    Charles Pelkey (Formerly of VeloNews)

  • Thomas

    Michael, thank you so much for your insights and written words about cycling over the years. You have a unique writing voice and I hope you will still share your thoughts on cycling , or any other topic, with not only your cycling fans but your Michael Barry fans as well.

  • bikecellar

    Good luck and thank you and I am sure that new horizons await for you, but don’t stop writing, your musings give great enjoyment and insight to many.

  • Catherine Hewlett

    A lovely, poetic thank you. I know you’ll have tremendous success, whatever you choose to do next. What an exciting time in your life.

  • Michael Carroll

    Congrats Michael! What a great career! The cycling world is losing a great rider but more than that fans are losing one of the few pros to give us great insights into the world of pro cycling. Your writing, film making and story telling and music mixes have made the sport more enjoyable and give us all a glimpse into your world. For all of us I hope your future will include continuing to write and tell cycling and cyclists stories!

    Congrats on an amazing career and thanks from us fans!


  • Erik

    Good luck and thanks for sharing your view on professional cycling. Don’t stop the writing. You once told me cycling is liberating and for me it still is. Cheers!

  • paul

    Good luck in pursuing a healthy and fruitful retirement. All the best.

  • Peter Leiss

    Hey Mike,

    Nice seeing you today with your dad.
    You have provided all of us back here in TO with a fantastic career and many splendid races to live vicariously through you. You provided insights into the pro cycle life through your writings over the years. I congratulate you on your career and decision to hang them up as it were. I know that your love of cycling will not abate and hope to see more of your writings in the future. All the best on your new path, I know what ever you decide to do you will do it well.


  • Mike Tobias

    It was an honour to see you represent cycling and Canada with such professionalism, grace and style. And giving us a glimpse of the life of a professional was an added treat. Best wishes for the next stage.

  • Benni Seabra

    congrats on your career! i’m sure your family will be very happy having you around some time more from now on. keep riding the bike and keep doing videos of it and posting it on youtube. those videos are great and are somewhat a motivation for me to ride the next day.

    cheers from portugal,

  • Dave Butler

    All the best Michael.

  • Paul

    Micheal, it’s always a pleasure to read your posts. I hope and wish the best for you and your family going forward. You’ve been a cycling role model and ended your career with a great team. All the best.

  • Rob

    MB–class act, start to finish, my brudda! Look forward to seeing you soon and hoping to remain a part of your future successes! Rc

  • Michael

    Well done. Please continue with your writing, you provide great insight to my favorite sport, but more importantly, you are an excellent writer. Good luck and congratulations to you and your family, they get their husband, dad and son back full time.

  • arlo

    No Thank you !
    You have been a great inspiration to me and im sure counless other canadian roadies, I know you have had some bad luck with illness but I admirer the fact that you just jump back on the sadle and carry on . Enjoy you new freedom Micheal you have earned it!

  • Maxime

    Merci et bonne chance. Quel bonheur de vous lire. Reading you was always fun and instructive.

    Quebec city, Canada

  • Kimberly

    Congratulations Michael on such an incredible career. All the best to you, Dede, and your beautiful 2 sons. We miss you.

  • Iain Savill

    All the best. You’re retirement is a whole new future!

  • John Cook

    Well done, Michael! It has been a thrill watching you and reading about your “métier”. I look forward to more books and articles and to seeing you more often at Annina’s. Best wishes for a long and happy second career.

  • charlie35slr

    Congratulations, thank you and good luck for the rest of your final season. A London cyclist.

  • Rene Wenzel

    Hi Michael (and Dede)!

    Congrats on a great career and almost more importantly being such a great ambassador and gentleman…

    All the best to you, Dede and your kids as well as the rest of the family on both sides. You guy´s are great!

    René Wenzel

  • Lawrence Akot

    It was a pleasure watching you race locally here in Toronto, and following you through your years in the pro ranks!

    Just another chapter ending. Surely, more chapters lie ahead … please, do share.

    The very best.

  • Paul

    Congratulations on an amazing career. I only hope that in retirement you find the joy and happiness that cycling has brought you. Watching the World Championships in Hamilton has always been one of my favourite cycling moments.

  • Ryan

    No, thank you!

  • JP

    Congratulations on your decision Michael. Le Metier inspired me to take up cycling and has been a big influence over how i view the sport. Keep up the good work with your writing – it’s fantastic. Good luck with the next phase.

  • Brigid

    Congratulations and we wish you all the best in the years to come. You’ll go far and enjoy the ride!

  • Neil


    My 10year old will be upset his favorite bike racer is retiring. (you’ve been his fav ever since you signed his racing bike & helmet 2 years ago)

    Good luck with your future and I hope you remain in cycling somehow.

  • mike mckee

    Good Luck Michael. We rode together this past Sunday in Oakville. Since you may stay in Spain for some time, make sure those boys of yours play a lot of Footy! Keep the rubber side down! Mike

  • Scott Hastie

    Congratulations on a great career. It has been so much fun following your racing career via the results, the cycling websites and more importantly through your words.
    Enjoy your retirement from racing and the new chapter that opens.
    Scott Hastie

  • Peter

    Chapeau Michael.

    Thank you for being a house in Canadian cycling. I will always cherish the time you gave to your fans in Montreal and Toronto.

    Maybe see you on a LaBicicletta ride…


  • Andrew

    Well done, Michael! I hope that regardless of your retirement from the professional peleton that you continue to offer your reflections on the world of cycling, whether you are racing or not. Best regards,
    Andrew Eills

  • Kevin

    Bravo. A superb career contributing to many victories and much success (2005 Giro, etc.), as well as top 10s in Olympics and World Champs. Chapeau Michael.

  • Leif

    Best of luck in whatever direction your are going.

  • Derek

    Congratulations on a great career – have especially enjoyed your work with Sky both on an off the bike over the past 3 years. Your blogs and photos have provided great insights into the world of a pro cyclist!

    Keep writing and we’ll keep reading!

    All the best for the future


  • Ryan

    Mr. Barry,

    No, thank you so much for your passion and raw honesty pursuing your professional cycling career. As I fell in love with the sport starting in 2000, I have always admired your writing and willingness to always do what is best for the team. You are a world class rider and a world class person. I really wish you the best of luck in the future and hope you continue to write and inspire the next generation of cyclists all across the world.

    With kind regards,


  • Paul

    Dear Michael,

    thank you for all that years of beautiful, stylish and succesful cycling. I really enjoyed watching you riding and reading your articles and books. LE METIER is my kind of bible – thank for these insights.
    All the best for you and your family – please keep on writing.
    Paul from Germany

  • Margadette M. Demet

    Congratulations, Michael, and every good wish for the future! You have had a wonderful career in cycling. You have dealt with the wins and the losses, the ups and downs, with humility and class. The next chapter of your life promises more of the same. You are an example to all of us. God Bless You! MMD

  • Arnold

    Chapeau Michael. Thanks for all your insights and stories over the years. I took 25 friends to Girona in 2006 based on your writings. You will be missed. All the Best in the next stages of your career.

  • Richard Ash

    Leave with your head held high and your pen ever ready!
    Now for a new cycling chapter to begin,one that we can follow
    and applaud!
    All the very best to you and your family. Richard.

  • Rick Millenaar

    Thanks for the years, and good luck in your future.

  • Michael Sweeney


    Best wishes on the next stage of your life and career. Although you will be leaving the peleton, we all certainly hope that you will not be leaving us as your readers and fans.

    There have been many rides where the sky was a brilliant blue, the leaves blooming in the Spring or their magnificent Autumn colors where on display, and your words echoed in my head as the roads and hills unfolded in front of me. Thank you for that. Those moments are and will continue to be very special.

    Enjoy the time with family and perhaps a trip to Provence on a
    tandem with your sons and wife.

    — Best Wishes. Michael Sweeney.

  • Rodway Daniels

    Michael, congratulations on a full and exciting career! Enjoy your time with family. Thank you for being such a humble and passionate professional who inspires others! Rodway

  • Mat D.

    Throughout your career you have always been “la force tranquille” of canadian cycling. You are the perfect example for the new and the upcoming generations of canadian cyclists; a hard working athlete, a devoted sportsman, but most of all a genuine and true person…

    All the best,

    Mat D.

  • Mike Teglas

    Awesome long ride Michael and thanks for the memories! I hope you enjoy the” new road ” and all it has to offer you.
    All the best Mike T

  • Peter Czerny

    Thank you Michael for taking us all along for the ride through your writing – Le Metier left me floored, and then pushed me to do my first century! Cheers to your spirited and forceful competitive pro career and well done for keeping in touch with the fundamental joy of cycling. Hope to be able to read more from you in the future. All the best to you and your family for many happy cycling kilometres to come.


  • Adam

    Always been a big fan of yours and your writing. I know you will stay in with the cycling community. Maybe with the new found lof of racing here in Canada (thanks to your accomplishments) you’ll be able to find a niche that will take it to the next level.

    All the best in retirement.

  • David Howe

    What, no hint of what might be next? Thanks for everything you’ve done on the bike in races. Like many others who’ve written here, I hope your future involves continuing to write! Still hope to meet you in person one day and maybe get a book signed 🙂

  • Jackie

    Congratulations on a wonderful pro career and representing Canada so well! I just started following cycling a few years ago and what struck me immediately was your team work. Team Sky and the peloton will miss you.

    I look forward to continuing to read your blog and articles. Your writing is eloquent, intelligent, and personal – a real joy to read. And I love cycling around Girona so please keep posting videos with your fabulous music selection.

    Enjoy your retirement from racing and all the best to you and your family.

  • Stef Conant

    Merci Michael pour ta présence à Montréal et Québec!

    Tes récits et ton attitude à vélo demeurent pour moi une grande source d’inspiration qui dépasse largement le cyclisme.

    Je t’ai malheureusement manqué ce week-end pour une signature…

    Bonne retraite, santé et bonheur avec ta famille (en Espagne ou au Canada???)

  • Matt M

    Congrats on a great bike career Michael!

  • Sébastien

    Its too bad you couldnt pull a “Dede” on Sunday in Montreal. As always, you were selflessly working for your team. It was a great pleasure following your career. All the best.

  • Rob

    Congratulations on a great career and for representing our country so well. I wish you continued success.

  • Kenneth

    Hi Michael

    What a great career – here’s to the future and your next journey – you’re still only a young pup and life is all in front of you for the taking – as others have said, keep up the writing.


  • Carles

    Hope you still come back to Girona from time to time… and maybe I’ll get the opportunity to say Hi while climbing Rocacorba, Sant Martí, Sant Hilari…
    Seeing a Pro cyclist on my sunday ride always makes the ride much more happy!

    You’ll always be welcomed in Catalonia!
    All the best in your “new” live!

  • Martin Reis

    Thank you, Michael for such an inspiring cycling career. I will never forget the Worlds in hamilton when you swooped down from the escarpment and right into the top 10… Very, very awesome! Thank you for the wonderful memories. Ride on.

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