Surrounding Girona there are some fantastic climbs and descents. The views are magnificent from the local peaks as the Pyrenees tower to the north and the sea lies to the east. Between the two there are lush valleys, pastures and rolling hills. While out training the other day Dominique Rollin and I took some footage of the descent of Mare de Deu del Mont. At the summit of a climb there is a monastery, restaurant and radio towers. There are often hang-gliders jumping from the edge while hikers snap photos. The climb is roughly 30 km from Girona and towers over the town of Banyoles. Dominique Rollin rode for Cervelo last year and will ride for La Francaise des Jeux this season which is why he has a mix of clothing on. The song is Arcade Fire, No Cars Go.

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  • Lamb

    Michael, Girona looks amazing, one question I wanted to ask regarding Dominique’s mix of team kit is; when are you guys contracted to wear team colours after you leave a team? Are the dates different for bikes etc than for clothing as I often see pro riders on their new team bikes but in old team clothing. Or is it just a “what is clean and in the kit bag” question.

    Anyway I hope you are well


    • Michael Barry

      Hi Simon, Although he had received some of his clothing and bike he hadn’t received all of it which is why he is wearing Cervelo shorts and an FDJ top. Generally, we wear the team colours until the end of the calendar year when our contracts are up. Best, Michael

  • dave

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ thank you, that will keep me going for a while with a smile on my face,till the snow and ice departs.

  • Bruce McDougall

    Beathtaking! (You should send it to the Spanish Tourism Board.)

  • Paul

    Two Canadian riders and a Canadian band! I love it!

  • Oli Brooke-White

    Very cool! Although I freaked out a wee bit when you were wiggling your ‘bars around lol…

  • Chuck Johnson

    I recognize that road. Kathy did that climb the last time we were in Girona. What a special view! Nice video, it brings back fond memories (of the decent at least).

  • Shane

    So good, Michael! Thanks for sharing that! -Shane

  • Richard Lee

    Nice! D.Rollin and you cheering for you two from Vancouver, have a great season!

  • Jim Sciberas

    Are these goosebumps from your descent, or the snowy morning here in T.O.? Gracias amigo.

  • rg

    beautiful, what camera are you using to film? thx

    • Michael Barry

      Hi RG. The video is filmed with a Gopro HD camera. Best, Michael

  • Miquel

    Very cool video and best song!
    I hope someday to find us by those roads, we are more easily recognized, my girlfriend is that she is very strong, missing a leg! πŸ˜‰

  • Sam Weaver

    Thanks so much for editing the two cameras together and posting this up. Love the shadows of your riding. So awesome to have friends like that to train with!

  • Jaume

    Looks amazing, this video is great! MIss riding in Girona. Best regards from Malaysia. Jaume

  • Randy

    osti, q’c’est beau ! i am so happy you guys are documenting this stuff. warren miller does double planks, barry does to cry for, riding scenes. please add my email to your future cycling tours company. i can cook and handle a leica. Cheers micheal, merci Dominic. Randy…Montreal -9c

  • Slippy

    Awesome descending….makes you smile to watch it looks like the two of you were having a load of fun. Inspired to go out in the not so sunny weather.

  • Alex

    Awesome, Scary, but awesome.
    Always wanted to pass a car going downhill, you guys were smoking.

  • 7

    si je fais pareil je suis mort de chez mort. #7

  • edu

    Nice video Michael and looks great with Arcade Fire. We’re soo lucky to live in a place with this greats spots to ride.
    Edu from Girona

  • Bob

    That was a great video. I’ll think about it when I’m riding in -10 deg weather this weekend in Ontario. Wishing you both a great racing season this year!

  • Daniel Cruz

    Absolutely love this video. Was dying to go out for a ride. Best of luck this racing season…
    Celer et Audax !!

  • Andy Rafferty

    Great footage.
    Do the races allow on-board cameras, like in F1?
    That would be cool.

  • Kevin Field

    Michael… this is a fantastic little video! Love le Metier in general. Great to see you and Dom riding together regular.

    What did you guys use for cameras? And did you just basically strap a normal little cam to your helmets? Really cool effect.

    Hopefully will see you guys in Europe. We’ll be over in Carcassonne (@teamspiderTech) for 2.5 months. Planning a little trip to Girona with Svein to pickup some of his stuff and grab dinner with GB.

    • Michael Barry

      Hi Kevin, Good to hear from you. Say hi to the Spidertech boys for me. To film the video, Dom had a camera on his helmet and I had one on the handlebars. We were both using Gopro HD cameras. Hope to see you and Svein when you’d down this way. All the best and take care, Michael

  • Mark Falconer

    Great video, have to agree with other posters, put a smile om my face as well and has given me the push I have been needing this last few days to get back out on the bike.
    Even reminds me a bit of the scottish highlands where I live, except for the sunshine that is.
    Keep em coming
    Michael and thanks.

  • Michael MonΓ©

    Thanks for this. Good to see there is somewhere in the world not covered in ice and snow and where it is possible to ride. Not so in Toronto, though I still managed to get out for a ride yesterday. Hey, when life gives you lemons…
    Cheers from your hometown fans.

  • Reply

    Climbing is my big passion. This video has also encouraged me well.

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