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  • Tim Horton is my Master

    Thanks for posting those- it’s an intimate look at 2 generations of passionate cyclists. Your father probably never imagined how far you’d come in cycling when he was taking those shots of your first bicycle!

  • Peter McCaffery

    Remember riding in a cyclo-cross with you in 1987? You had mechanical trouble and I stopped to help. Knew you had a good future as a road racing guy but never thought I’d be seeing you in the Pro Tours!

  • Rick Millenaar

    Man, you had your first racing bike when you were 6? I had to wait till I was 10. In the last picture of your dad, he looked a bit like Bradley Wiggins.

  • Steve sidey

    Wicked stuff keep the blogs coming

  • martin lister

    Seeing those pictures of your first racing bike brings back a few memories. I was a mech. at BicycleSport at the time that bike was built. It was such a great place to work and I feel I owe much to the inspiration of the three Mikes; Barry, Brown and Miller. Its great to see you doing so well.

  • Paul G

    What was that bike?
    It was cute.

    • Michael Barry

      My father built the Mariposa frame and gave it to me as a Christmas present when I was 6. He cut down the cranks and rethreaded them so they would fit the small frame and found parts that were to scale. It is a lovely little bike which a dozen children have ridden since. Cheers, Michael

  • Ricky

    Some beautiful pictures there. I don’t know what it is, but while modern bikes are so technically advanced and unbelievably good, this is something about images of old bikes being raced that just makes them look better.

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