The Shop Cozy

In 1972 my father opened a bike shop with his good friend Mike Brown in the center of Toronto named Bicyclesport. At the time, the bike shop was unique in a city of supermarket bikes as it [...]

A Trail of Pink Around the Boot

Lying on the hotel room bed with my legs stretched vertically against the wall, I stare at the ceiling. A spring breeze blows through the window cutting the stale odor of the hotel room. Beyond [...]

Giro d'Italia SRM Graphs

The Giro has taken us from the Netherlands to southern Italy. Up north, we battled the wind, fought for position on narrow farm roads, weaved through traffic islands and sprinted out of small [...]

Highs and Lows.

As the peloton of 198 riders crowded around the start line in Amsterdam there was an air of nervousness and excitement. Crowds of people leaned over the steel barriers craning to see the peloton, [...]

Giro d'Italia TTT Training

In preparation for the Giro d’Italia Team Time Trial we were training as a team outside to find our fluidity as a team. After a few efforts we were moving well. The key to a TTT is that the [...]

Cutting The Grass In The Flowing Peloton

Like a crowd of thousands surging for a door, which has just opened into a stadium the riders in the peloton push, shove and panic as we near the cobbles. We all know that our position will [...]


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