What a professional cyclist has in the team car for every emergency on the road

During the Tour de France, as in every professional bike race, the team cars will be loaded down with what is needed to keep the riders performing, from water bottles to spare wheels to bandages. Behind the race, there are two team cars and both will be loaded down with gear. One car will stay with the peloton, while the other follows the breakaway or stays with riders who are dropped. The goal is to make sure every rider makes it through to the finish, so the cars are there to support them at all times.

A crucial tool for a cyclist in the team car

Each rider has a ‘rain bag’ in the team car, full of everything they think they might need if the weather changes or something breaks. Early in my career, I didn’t carry much, but with time and experience, I kept adding to the bag, stuffing everything in from winter gloves to spare sunglasses. Cold fingers, a broken shoe, dark glasses on an overcast day can all affect a race outcome so being prepared to do the job regardless of the conditions is crucial.

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