In this episode, Betsy Welch joins us to discuss the evolution and future of gravel racing, shedding light on the obstacles the community must overcome to get there.

Besty Welch, a prolific writer for Outside Magazine, covers the sport of domestic gravel and mountain bike racing while also participating in the actual events, offers an insider’s perspective on the sport’s intricacies and the athletes involved.

In this episode, we explore the evolution of domestic gravel racing and delve into the factors that have fueled its widespread appeal and remarkable growth. Betsy shares insights on some of the sport’s contentious issues, such as the starting conditions for female elite racers, the potential acceptance of UCI involvement in domestic events, and the future trajectory of domestic gravel racing.

As these topics especially hit home for Betsy, she provides her unique perspective on the professional evolution of the sport for female athletes, highlighting key initiatives that will foster ongoing growth and create more opportunities within the field.

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