• With the Tour de France starting today, we thought you might enjoy this interested article on Primož Roglič and the Power of Second Chances.  
  • Did you know that a tubeless tire puts more compression force on a hooked rim than one with a tube? That increased force effectively shrinks the diameter of the rim. Read about “Why Tubeless Tires Can Lead To Looser Spokes Than Those With Tubes”. 
  • Exercise may change the composition and activity of the trillions of microbes in our guts in ways that could improve our health and metabolisms over time, a new study finds. Learn more at NY Times.
  • If you want a healthy heart, the more you exercise, the better, according to an encouraging new study of the links between physical activity and cardiovascular disease. It finds that people who often exercise and stay active are much less likely to develop heart disease than people who rarely move, whether that exercise consists of a few minutes a day of jogging or multiple hours a week of walking.
  • The photograph above is Cormet de Roselend, a classic mountain pass in the Savoie region of France, on which many Tour de France battles have taken place.  Captured by Michael Blann, it is one of the many beautiful photos in his Mountains: Epic Cycling Climbs book.  Mariposa Bicycles’, Michael Barry shares a short story in Blann’s book about his experience on this mountain as a Stagiere.

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