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  • Princeton CarbonWorks makes wheels that feature a sinusoidal rim pattern. What does that mean, and what benefits do riders derive from it?  Harrison Marcris, Co-Founder of Princeton Carbonworks sits down with Velonews Technical Editor Dan Cavllari to talk all things wheels! Listen to Tech Podcast: What is a sinusoidal rim shape and why does it matter?

  • Former professional cycling and Olympic medallist, Roy Knickman now manages America’s top youth development team, Lux Cycling.  In a recent interview, he discussed what it takes to become a pro cyclist, diversity in the sport and the sport’s future.  Read: So you wanna be a pro? A conversation with Roy Knickman
  • Global Cycling Network has produced a new documentary:  “The Columbus Story: The Soul Of Cycling”.  In it, they explore Columbus’ secret archives, manufacturing, memorabilia and tales,
    talking about past, present and future of our steel and carbon projects. Watch the trailer and enjoy the full-length documentary now on the new GCN+ channel!



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