Photograph by Walter Lai

Team Mariposa has had a solid racing season thus far with a good effort the Canadian National Cyclocross Championships as well as a couple of victories and several Ontario Cup podium finishes.

This past weekend, we had several team members competing at the Ontario Provincial Cyclocross Championships and the team shared a lot of success with Sjaan Gerth winning the elite race, Ashlin Barry finishing 2nd place in the U13 race and Jack Ciotlos finishing 4th in the Junior race.

Here are few photos and videos from a fun weekend of racing.

Sjaan Gerth entering a deep sand pit in the elite race. Photograph by Walter Lai

Peter Morse heading into the lakeside section of the course. Photograph by Walter Lai

Sjaan Gerth passes an unfortunate rider, as he has flatted and is forced to run his bike to the pit for a wheel change. Photograph by Walter Lai

There was a lot of drama in the sandpit. This is Peter Morse with nowhere to go when the rider in front him crashes. Photograph by Walter Lai

Sjaan Gerth navigating some tight turns.

Sjaan Gerth at the finish. Photograph by Peter Kraiker

Sjaan Gerth winning the men’s elite race. Specifications of Sjaan’s race bike are available here.

The elite men’s podium.

Sjaan’s Mariposa Cyclocross Race bike.

Ashlin Barry in the sandpit. Photograph by Walter Lai

Ashlin Barry on the flyover. Photograph by Walter Lai

Ashlin Barry in the final lap. Photograph by Walter Lai

The U13 podium. L-R Ashlin Barry, Conner McCinnis, and Cole Dempster. Photograph by John Feasby

Jack Ciotlos on his way to 4th place in the Junior Race. Photograph by Walter Lai

Pary Bell emerging from the sandpit in the Masters race. Photograph by Walter Lai

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