A jersey’s design, logos & material symbolize an era in cycling. Once worn, the rider’s story becomes a part of the fabric. At Mariposa Bicycles – Bicycle Specialties Ltd. we have a unique collection of jerseys that we are sharing on Instagram. Once a week, or more, we will post one of Walter Lai’s lovely photos of a jersey from the collection. The US jersey above, was Dede Barry’s jersey from the 2004 World Championships in Verona, Italy. After a 16 year career, in which she rode for the US National Team each season, this was her final race, as she retired the following day. There have been many US team jerseys designs (during periods of war, the team rode in nondescript jerseys so the riders wouldn’t be at risk)–this is perhaps one of the most classic, and in our opinion the finest.  Follow us at TheCyclingJersey to see other classic jerseys.

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