A mid-1940’s Italian city bike.

This is a recent restoration that was completed in the Mariposa workshop. The bike was originally purchased at a garage sale in Toronto in 1991.


  • Paglianti branded Magistroni cranks
  • Campagnolo Cambio Corsa rear derailleur
  • Gloria brake stirrups
  • Olympic levers
  • Nisi rims
  • Campagnolo Gran Sport hubs
  • Constrictor pedals
  • Brooks saddle
  • Copper plated steel italian mudguards
  • Compass tires
  • Size: 55cm
  • This bicycle is available for purchase. Price $2,500. Please address inquiries to [email protected]

    At Mariposa/Bicycle Specialties we have a good knowledge of vintage bikes and equipment and can restore old bikes to their original condition ready for any of the multitude of retro bike events available today or just to hang on your living room wall. For more information, contact us at [email protected]





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