Like most cyclists, I have several bikes hanging in my garage. Which is my favorite? That’s easy—the Mariposa porteur bike that my father built for me eight years ago. I cherish it, because he built the frame and the carriers, with their simple beauty, and he then carefully selected the parts. But I also cherish it for the memorable rides it has provided. Trips to friends’ houses, back and forth to my dad’s shop, around town with my family discovering parks and back alleys, or out on the town for a night with my wife, Dede. On a bike, the city seems to growl, blossom, spew, chatter, and come alive. In a car, it is a passing scene. Read on.
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  1. Great post, so neat to hear this coming from a pro rider! I grew up in Toronto and still live/work here. Despite having a fancy carbon bike, I still enjoy exploring pockets of the city on my vintage Bianchi that I bought second hand years ago. And although I have a car, I look forward to checking the weather every day to see if I can ride to work instead. It’s a great feeling riding to work in my suit, passing between rows upon rows of the typical Toronto rush hour collection of BMWs, Mercedes and Porsches. I really hope the city continues to embrace bike culture, it’s a perfect city for it, we just need more bike lanes!

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