The Montreal Grand Prix was officially my final race as a professional cyclist as I will not be racing in Italy this week or China in October because the arm I broke in August has yet to fully heal. During the race in Montreal, it became increasingly painful and swollen around the fracture, plate and screws. I hoped it would improve with a few days of rest but almost three weeks later it is still bothering me. The risk of falling and re-fracturing it in another race it is too great. The Montreal GP was a race day I will remember fondly and nice place to finish my career. It was a well organized race, on home turf, in front of my family, friends and supporters that was capped off by my teammate Lars-Petter’s fine victory.

Montreal 2012

9 thoughts on “The last set of race numbers

  1. Thank you Michael for sharing your experiences in the pro peleton with us, and for allowing us to follow your career. Here in Toronto the name Michael Barry is synonymous with cycling, and great that you and your dad have had so much influence on so many riders over the years.

    Congratulations on a stellar career and all the best in your future endevours.

    David in Toronto

  2. Michael,
    I feel privileged to have had the chance to see you race at the Tour de France in 2010, and in Quebec and Montreal last year and again this year. It was special to see you in Montreal earlier this month, knowing it would be the last time I’d see you race.
    Wishing you a healthy and rewarding retirement from racing, and looking forward to seeing you again in Toronto.

  3. All the best in your retirement from racing, too bad it did not work out as you planned however you did the prudent thing making your health the priority.

    Hope to see you out on the road again.


  4. Congratulations on a fantastic career. Your time in the peloton will be remembered with great respect, and I hope your retirement isn’t the last we hear of you! Best of luck with all you do, Oli

  5. Thank you Michael, for many years of providing inspiration to Canadian cyclists and for doing so with grace and honour. I always felt awe when I read your results or saw you racing on TV. Awe with the hard work, dedication and talent to ride at that level. And such a thrill during the 2003 Worlds in Hamilton.

    Equally impressing is your ability to craft words about cycling and life. Your last posting ‘At the Gate’ is such an eloquent example. I look forward now to your continued writings.

    May the wind always be at your back.

  6. I think the photograph says it all – a fine career and a final race as a professional ending with sharing great moments with the next generation. Best to you as you enter “retirement,” and please continue to offer your observations about the peleton.
    Andrew Eills, Concord, New Hampshire

  7. I’m sad and happy at the same time! Congratulations on a fine career–chapeau!–and hope to see you one day again pedaling on the beautiful roads around Girona.

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