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As we near the first races the intensity of our training rides has increased. Before heading home for a few days and returning for our second stint of the new year in Mallorca we logged a long 230 km ride with several intervals at specified intensities. We finished the ride off with an hour behind the team car. The last week of training has been solid. Today, as we rolled back through town to the hotel, my teammate Davide Appollonio said, “now, I think I’m almost ready to race.”

4 thoughts on “San Salvador, Mallorca

  1. Hi Michael.

    Mallorca`s great for cycling, I always travel down in spring to prep for season.

    This year my team aim`s to set new record in a 540km race – from Trondheim to Oslo, in Norway. ( current record 12:51).

    Therefore I did Calp in december, travel to Malaga 29 jan – 2012, and Mallorca in March 12.

    What kind of intervals and at what power zones and duration do you lay down ?

    Do you have a powerdrop in winter?
    in %, mid winter vs peak.

    Best regards
    PS: Kurt Arvesen, figured in news friday 13, and told reporter that he was glad he did not have to do your intervals. hehe.

  2. I noticed that no one seems to be running OSymetric rings in these pictures- are you guys no longer using them?

    1. Hi Karsten, I’ve taken them off and a few of the others have done the same. Several riders who weren’t in the photos are on using them. Some riders go on/off them depending on training etc. Cheers, Michael

  3. I’m curious to hear why phase them in and out- will you be on them again?

    I’m curious about trying them and the details of when they might be best used or cycled.

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