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  1. Michael – I’d love to read it, but it’s behind Murdoch’s new paywall, and much as I love your writing (and that of Giles Smith), I’m not prepared to pay to read the Times Online.

  2. Yeah, it’s a real drag. Would love to read what you’re writing and get insight into what the Tour is really like, but I ain’t paying. Any chance you can repost any of your pieces on the blog?

  3. Sounds like a tight 8rse excuse, but I am with the others. A principle thing more than the cash.
    Also – a real struggle getting Le Metier book…especially here in Australia – another reason to move back to Europe sooner rather than later.
    (for Juan Antonio…well done Spain! Vamos!)

  4. I concur. I would love to read it but I am not willing to pay.
    Also, any idea when your book will be available in Canada?

    1. Hi Paul,
      Thanks for the note. The book is available in Canada at labicicletta.com. Or you can also buy it through the link on the site from competitivecyclist.com. Best,

  5. I’ll back Team Sky but sorry Michael, however much I enjoy your writing, I’m not going to subscribe to The Times. It is a shame as you are one of the most accomplished writers in the peloton. A career in journalism perhaps beckons…

  6. I would also love to read your columns, but it appears that here in Canada you have to pay to read the articles via Times Online. Any shortcut or chance to post excerpts on your site?

    Great to see you riding the TDF. Go Toronto!

  7. Ian, you can buy the book direct from Rouleur, but the postage is 35 pounds, which is what the book costs. . . A total rip for Royal Mail Standard International Mail if you ask me, but I still bought it anyway 😀

  8. Would love to read the column but not giving my money to read a single article. Couldn’t care less about the paper, for the money and then all the spam, no thanks.

    Maybe after the tour see if you can put it back on your website if you have the rights to it.

    GL, hope to see you OLN sometime.

  9. “Don’t forget the Portet d’Aspet” J.B. would have been proud. Courage, mon vieux.-Les Sciberas’.

  10. Hi Michael,
    Your articles are very well written and insightful. Its a pity they are now on a pay per view website, it defeats the purpose of your own website. Congrats on a great book. Cheers.

  11. I bought the book from Rouleur directly, which included a postage charge of almost as much as the book to have it sent by ordinary post to Germany. The book is worth it.

    I too would have loved to read your articles on the UK Times website, but I don’t particularly want to support a Rupert Murdoch enterprise, especially since only a few weeks before you could read stuff on the UK Times website at no cost – except having to connect and put up with some adverts. As the UK is still the land with mostly no adverts on BBC TV, and a number of newspapers with very little advertising, and mostly all content available to read on-line at no additional cost, it’s a great pity that your articles were on the UK Times website.

    I am willing to pay for what you write when it’s a book, as I own them all. But paying for newspaper web content – especially a ‘right’ wing paper like the UK Times doesn’t seem quite right to me.

    Were you were somehow ‘contracted’ to do it that way as both SKY and the UK Times are Murdoch enterprises?

    Regardless, I hope the launch of the expensive signed version of the book went well today.

  12. Late to the game Michael but wanted to add my seconds to David’s comments. I purchased one of the limited editions through Rouleur at the first chance and I will gladly pay for any book you publish, as I have in the past. So I hope you understand that, for most of your loyal readers, wanting to absorb your thoughts and words for free isn’t the point. More like being forced to consume a five course meal of offal when all we are really interested in is the desert. Warm regards, Thomas Foulk

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